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Destiny Cayde Art

A Pokmon and Destiny 2 crossover starring Pikachu dressed as the Vanguards has successfully combined two wildly disparate games into one cute, compelling package. The Pokmon franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary, which has resulted in a massive influx of content from Nintendo and Game Freak: the announcement of Pokmon Brilliant Diamond & Pokmon Shining Pearl, the release of New Pokmon Snap, and even a concert by Post Malone to commemorate the occasion. Pokmon is being discussed more than usual as a result of this flurry of news, which is unusual for such a well-known video game property. THE DAY'S SCREENRANT VIDEO

"The worst-case scenario is that you die, but who knows, maybe you won't."

Cayde-6 found herself in an unusual situation during the Guardians' initial attempt to retake the Moon from the Hive. He took cover behind a crashed jumpship as he retreated from overwhelming Hive forces, only to discover that a Fallen Baroness was also present. Because they shared an enemy, they decided not to kill each other and instead continued to fight the Hive. Cayde returned to the crashed ship after most of the Hive had been killed, only to find the Baroness mortally wounded. He was eventually forced to murder her.

Cayde-6 is permanently killed off during the Forsaken's introductory story segment, and he could not be revived because his Ghost companion Sundance was destroyed by his enemies. Forsaken's story campaign is primarily motivated by the desire to track down and avenge Cayde-6's murderers. [14] Additional appearances [Correction]

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The latest in Destiny 2 fan art creations, as first noted by Game Informer, brings Pikachu to the Last City, with the popular Pokemon cosplaying as Vanguard members. Eun, aka LostThingy, created a series of illustrations featuring Pika-fied versions of Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Cayde-6. Each of the Vanguard Pikachus has a nod to their Destiny 2 counterpart, such as Zavala's love of crochet, Ikora's scholarly knowledge, and Cayde-6's spicy ramen. They add a nice finishing touch to some very cute pieces of fan art.

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