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Darkstalker Moonwatcher Nightwing Wings Of Fire

Abilities NightWings are nocturnal creatures that can withstand fire. Depending on the kind and quantity of full moons, they may develop abilities. One full moon bestows mind-reading and prophecy-receiving abilities. Both are granted by two full moons. Three moons boost the power. The intensity of the abilities might vary depending on the quantity or kind of moon light received. Weak moonlight, whether caused by location or impediments, grants inferior abilities, such as mind-reading in the case of Fatespeaker. Full blood moons, on the other hand, may enable mind readers to project their ideas.

The Prophecy of the Lost Continent

The Perished Continent She appears beside Qibli in the epilogue when they first encounter Luna, precisely where Darkness of Dragons ended. Moon is taken aback when she sees a dragon from the lost continent for the first time, and she introduces herself and Qibli to the SilkWing. Moon tells Luna she had a vision about her, and when Luna asks whether she can see the future like Clearsight, Moon is astonished that Luna recognizes Clearsight. She claims to be able to see the future, although not as well as Clearsight. Luna informs Moon that she must return home, to which Moon responds that she cannot and has not seen any visions of the future circling around the lost continent. The young SilkWing answers, stating that she must and that her community needs her assistance.

A comet came near enough to Pyrrhia two thousand years later to produce significant tremors. The old bracelet snapped as a result of one of these earthquakes, and Darkstalker awakened. Without his scroll, he felt lost and powerless. He sat under the rock for many months while Jade Mountain Academy, a school created by the dragonets of fate, was being built on neighboring Jade Mountain. The school eventually opened, and among the dragonets that attended was Moonwatcher, a NightWing who was the first NightWing to gain abilities since Darkstalker's reign. Moonwatcher was born beneath two full moons, which meant she possessed the ability to read minds and foresee the future. Moonwatcher was connected with and befriended by Darkstalker, who taught her numerous strategies to regulate her mind reading. He eventually informed her about his scroll, which he required in order to be free. He detailed it and urged Moon to locate it for her, adding that it had enormous power but should be destroyed if it fell into the wrong hands, which would bury him beneath forever but would be worth it to stop evil.

After then, a series of events occurred, beginning with Darkstalker rescuing Queen Glory from Fierceteeh's assassination attempt and ending with him becoming the new king of Nightwings and taking them all to the lost City of Night. One thing remained constant: (Y/N) and him remained friends, growing closer with each passing day until Darkstalker asked (Y/N) out. After a few years, he eventually asked (Y/N) to be his one and only partner. A lavish wedding was then held in the Lost City of Night, with every nightwing cheering wildly for their new king's mate. (Y/N) had requested Darkstalker for one item after the wedding. That was done to enchant him so that he could carry his and Darkstalker's eggs. Darkstalker was first hesitant, but after some persuasion from his devoted partner, he accepted. They both mated once the enchantment was completed and had one egg, which they now have. (Y/N) then pecked Darkstalker's cheek as he stirred in his slumber, while (Y/N) just smiled and closed his eyes, content to be with his true love.

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