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Cayde Death Meme

Bungie's latest trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken, which depicts the death of Cayde-6, the beloved hunter Vanguard, debuted earlier this week at Sony's E3 2018 press conference. Since then, players have been in various states of grief over the loss of their wisecracking pal. A quick visit to the Destiny subreddit will yield a wide range of memes and goofs in honor of the community's favorite Guardian.

Is anyone else relieved that Cayde is no longer alive?

It's as if they combined all of the MCU's humor into a single character. God, his jokes felt so flat, and he was always trying to be funny... one time or another, he'd crank something, but god, he was trying all the time, and it was actually irritating.

Then there's the responsibility of explaining all of the intricate mechanics to your friends, which is decidedly less enjoyable. For what it's worth, the infusing mechanic in Destiny 2 can be intimidating at first, especially since the game doesn't do much to explain it. If you're trying to explain the process over Skype or Discord, just forget about it. Simply open a YouTube video at that point. 9 It'll be over in a minute. Every Minute

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