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Tarot cards may be used to predict one's own or another person's future. The readings may be untrustworthy at times, and utilizing the quirk excessively might create headaches. Card master: the user can bring the pictures on cards to life, summoning items and creatures for their purpose. To activate the graphics on a card, the user must touch it.

A narrative about various forms of idiosyncrasies that I come up with late at night. People may utilize all of them for free if they so want. And if you have any suggestions that you'd want to offer, I'd be happy to include them into the book if you let me! [DISCLAIMER] If I inadvertently utilize another creator's work, PLEASE inform me as soon as possible...

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Inflation: By contacting solid items, the user may inflate them with hot air, allowing them to float like balloons. Damage to the item causes it to deflate, bringing the effect to an end. Thermodynamic: the user may absorb heat into their body via contact or pour heat into something/someone else. Because they are still restricted by their body's tolerance to hot and cold temperatures, this quirk can only be used to make other things/people somewhat colder or hotter.

"Erasure" is your quirk! Share your findings on Facebook. This very strong skill allows one to nullify the abilities of one's opponents merely by glancing at them. This talent is unquestionably strong in a world where peculiarities do everything. Shoto Aizawa is a ferocious fighter with this talent, making him very tough to beat in a one-on-one combat. We say "nearly" because the effect cannot act on mutation type peculiarities. "Bloodcurdle" is your quirk! Share your findings on Facebook. This very strong quirk allows you to paralyze someone after ingesting a sample of their blood, regardless of where it originates from (knife, cheek, etc.) Once this is completed, the only thing left to do is to deliver the knockout blow.

Text of Literature

The following is a list of peculiarities of characters I made for the anime Boko no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia. The list categorizes them according to their affiliation (heroes, pros, randoms, etc). I'm not going to identify anybody just yet, but I anticipate everyone of them to have a profile at some point. Please keep in mind that all of these eccentricities are unique to my characters and only my characters.

Okay, I was really considering Brainwash, Creation, and this one. Clearly, Hawk was the victor, but she can also fly! How much time and peace of mind would you have if city transportation was not so congested? Amazing. To be honest, if you could just fly, I wouldn't put him on this list. But it's mind-boggling because each of his feathers is removable and can go about its own business. Consider how focused you'd have to be to manage hundreds of individual feathers! This is a genuinely amazing ability!

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