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"I had a lot of fun with him," Flain added. He was discussing having a good time with his friend Seismo. "I guess that's cool to hear," Zorch replied. Vulk dashed over to them, clutching a small box. "Hey guys, take a look at what I've got!" Zorch took a look at it. "...It's nothing more than a box, Vulk." He expressed his displeasure. "But take a look inside!" When he opens the box, he finds three small blue sticks of gum. Flain picks up one of the sticks and asks, "What is this, Vulk?" Vulk explains that it is candy store gum. "Oh, that's right. That's what it is." "Yep, hey, want to try these?" Vulk inquired. Zorch and Flain exchanged glances and nodded to him. Vulk hands the two of them a piece of gum while grabbing one for himself. They then began to chew the gum. "I've got to say, Vulk, this is pretty good!" exclaimed Zorch, impressed. Flain agreed, and Vulk smiled.

Slytherin, you're a vile one. You are a phony monarch. You have the same odor as grease oil. Also as bizarre as a shark Slytherin You're a slimy viper with no... rough and fierce bark! You're a wuss, Slytherin A venomous, cantankerous thug You're an enraged king without a throne who despises drugs. Slytherin You're a bossy bully with a red eye... and you crunched the biggest bug! Slytherin, you are vindictive. You have poison in your fangs. You have a long, lanky body and a vulgar slang tone. Slytherin If I had to choose between you and someone else, I'd go with your... insane acts with a bang! Slytherin, you stink the most. You're a filthy, oily punk. You're a horde of yellow-green garbage with the odor of a striped skunk. Slytherin Your fellas are three words that sometimes describe you. "A smelly, brash, bohunk!" they exclaimed. Slytherin, you're egocentric. You just have a sinister expression! In your own hot-tempered world, you despise dummies. Slytherin Your grumpy demeanor is an asset.

Windows 108's best pal. He thinks some fictitious Windows versions are real. He was attacked as a result of this. His ideas are simply cut out because he was born in 2004. Now, it's possible that it was due to having too many ideas. "Hey, 108, let's go on an adventure!" is one of my favorite phrases. The Arsenians' leader. May 5, 2021 - Arsen54800's old channel termination, it is speculated that he was terminated by Santuchi because his videos involve SantuchiOS History Remastered, possibly confirming an earlier theory about Santuchi being a copyright troll. That's a very un-XP mode moment there. He was born in 2002, but he is not the oldest Arsenio. "Come on (OS History) Part (Number)!" is one of my favorite phrases.

Hello and thank you for visiting my FNF roleplay! Please do not send hateful comments! Those who do so will be barred. I do about any fetish, but the ones listed below will be the most frequently used. Only FNF/FNF crossover mod characters! Only male characters! I'm not particularly fond of women. Things I am mostly capable of: Inflation Vore gaining weight/stuffing Foot fetish with Omorashi Diapers/ABDL Macro/Micro Basically anything else! Characters that can be used include: !! CJ Bob (B&B) I DO NOT BELIEVE IN AMOR!! !! Bosip!! I DO NOT BELIEVE IN AMOR!! The Cyrix Void KOU, Yukichi Stickmin, Henry (yes he has his own FNF mod) Tac Lucian Selever AGOTI The Lucky Rabbit's name is Osward. Every Eddsworld character (Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord) ANY CHARACTER FROM DAVE AND Bambi WHO IS NOT A MINOR You can also use any other FNF character that isn't listed! (As long as he's a man) But I'll mostly use the characters mentioned above (bonus points if it's B&B). Please let me know when you're ready in the comments so that we can get started.

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