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But, don't you think, everyone is a lot worse online than they are in real life? In reality, he is a borderline criminal/kidnapper who took advantage of Asuna's coma-like state in order to marry her. I swear this man never got a hug from his mother, because I can't imagine someone as twisted as this guy coming from a loving home.


Ness was a middle-aged man of average height and build. He had a friendly face with a mustache and a beard around his jawline. He was distinguished by the white bandana he wore around his head, which concealed his bald spot while revealing light brown hair along the sides and back. He was never seen wearing anything other than the standard Survey Corps Uniform, but he did wear a green cloak on expeditions.

Bertolt, Reiner's partner, fades into the background during the first season of Attack on Titan, coming across as a rather meek and unassuming individual. Bertolt becomes more aggressive and appears less conflicted about the situation after it is revealed that he is the Colossal Titan. RELATED: Attack On Titan Characters Who Changed the Most Throughout the Anime

Gender Male Occupation Soldier Affiliation Survey Corps Debut Mission Objectives Gender Male Residence Wall Rose Status Deceased Occupation Soldier Affiliation Survey Corps Debut Mission Objectives

After closing the hole in Wall Maria, Commander Erwin orders Armin Arlert to lead a team in search of the enemies who may be hiding in the area. This man is a member of this team, and he searches for nearby houses in Shiganshina. After failing to make any progress, Armin summons his men and orders them to search the Walls. The soldier yells at Armin, asking if he is aware of the situation, but calms down when Erwin calls a halt to the operation and instructs the team to observe the chain of command. After searching the Wall for a while, he comes across a hollow spot and fires a signal flare. Reiner Braun emerges from his hiding place shortly after and impales the man through the chest, sending his body plummeting to the ground. [26]

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