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Anime Ocs With Masks

In a world where Tokyo is haunted by creatures that feed on human flesh, people fear them, especially because of their ability to blend in. Kaneki finds himself becoming one of these creatures after what was supposed to be a date turns into something far darker. Half-creature, half-human hybrid. Kaneki here (middle). On the left, you can see how he looks now that a girl has screwed him over. The girl who screwed him over is on the right.

Devil Ape Enji Koma Enji Koma wore this mask as the leader of the ghoul gang the Devil Apes and later during the Anteiku Raid. These masks were also worn by members of the gang. Black Dog Kaya Irimi Irimi wore this mask as the leader of the Black Dobers and during the Anteiku Raid. Members of the gang, like the Devil Apes, wore these masks.

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COVID-19 canceled many comic and anime conventions, putting a damper on many of the cosplaying projects we had hoped to showcase. The mandated face coverings regulation, on the other hand, has allowed us to wear some of our favorite anime character cosplays that include masks. From subtle to outrageous, here are some of the best mask-wearing anime characters to cosplay in order to protect ourselves from infection, lounge around in our homes, or, if you dare, go out in public. RELATED: Naruto Movies to Watch - and Those to Avoid

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