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Clannad is the anime adaptation of the same-named visual novel by Keys. It's probably the most well-known sad anime. The anime is divided into two seasons: Clannad (23 episodes) and its infinitely more depressing sequel, Clannad: After Story (24 episodes). While the first part deals with typical high school drama, primarily friendships and romantic relationships, the second part is a much more serious and impactful look at adulthood's challenges (with an emphasis on the importance of family). RELATED: The Top 10 Shoujo Anime to Introduce to New Fans

Futaba is a character from the Persona 5 series. Now she's my favorite persona girl; you may disagree with me, but that's fine. It is acceptable for you to hold the incorrect viewpoint. I'm joking because I understand why some people don't like her. But my feelings for her are so strong that I couldn't help but put her at the top of this list. But, putting my intense love for her aside, I believe she is beautiful from every angle. Yes, she is shy and timid, and she suffers from severe anxiety. It just makes you want to protect and support her even more, which makes you love her even more. And your love for her grows stronger the longer you stay with her. That's fantastic. She's an all-around entertaining and appealing character.

Consider wearing a tracksuit with a front zip. It's nothing out of the ordinary. Consider wearing a tracksuit with a front zip that you can't close due to your massive breasts. They also appear to be spilling out of the suit, which is unusual but visually appealing. You'll never see yourself as grateful for the invention of tracksuits with front zippers. Minori captures your attention not only because of her insane breast size, but also because of her suit, which accentuates the size of her boobs. 17. Maken-Chacha Ki's Akaza!

It's difficult to find the right anime foundation. There are far too many to select from, making it difficult to find the best one for you. It's even more difficult to find a good anime base with both poses and characters that you want to use in your artwork. We know because we've tried it! Animebases.com solves this problem by offering free high-quality anime bases with beautiful art! Our goal is to make it easier than ever to create manga or anime art. Below are some of our most popular anime bases.

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