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Amp Squad Members Age

AMP is owned and governed by 134 members from nine states: Ohio (84), Pennsylvania (29), Michigan (6), Kentucky (5), Virginia (5), West Virginia (2), Indiana (1), Maryland (1), and one joint action agency in Delaware. Each of AMP's member communities operates its own municipal electric system to serve local residents and businesses, and AMP's job is to ensure that each receives the appropriate levels of power from their preferred sources. AMP also offers a variety of other services on a cooperative, non-profit basis to all member communities.

He was ten years old when he made his stage debut in a production of A Christmas Carol. He joined YouTube on July 12, 2014, and his first video, SPRING BREAK VLOG | Dominic Brack, was uploaded on April 24, 2018. BEN CAUGHT ME AND LEXI DOING THIS., SURPRISING BEST FRIEND WITH CELEBRITY CRUSH (Madison Beer), and I SPENT THE NIGHT IN MY FRIENDS HOUSE & THEY HAD NO IDEA are some of the most popular videos on his YouTube channel (24 hour challenge). His TikTok account, thedombrack, has received over 28 million likes on his videos and over 1.5 million fans. Milk chocolate is Dom Brack's preferred chocolate over dark chocolate. He is friends with several other social media stars, including Jeremy Hutchins, Lexi Rivera, Brent Rivera, Loren Gray, Ben Azelart, and Lexi Hensler. Dom Brack appeared in Jenna Davis's music video for Under the Surface in February 2020. He has also amassed a sizable fan base on social media, with over 500k Instagram followers and 500k YouTube subscribers. Dom Brack / Instagram Featured Image

About Digital content studio known for collaborating with well-known creators like Brent Rivera and Lexi Hensler. They contribute to the creation of content that receives over a billion views per month. The group also has a popular YouTube channel called Amp World, as well as an Instagram account called ampwrld. The group's YouTube channel has over 1.7 million followers.

Since Dobrik, a former Vine star, began vlogging in 2015, members of the Vlog Squad have come and gone. Each member of the group is a YouTube and Instagram celebrity in their own right, with millions of followers. Here's a look at the Vlog Squad's past and present members.

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